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Our country was founded on individual liberty and protection against tyranny. We will defend your rights vigorously, as our Founding Fathers intended. 




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Your case requires the right kind of attorney. We have over a decade of experience in advocating for our clients' rights. 



Our founder, Bill Worthington (1943 - 2019), worked as a creditors’ rights (debt collection) attorney across North Dakota for 40 years. After his retirement in 2017, we continued his life’s work, helping well-esteemed local businesses and national companies collect unpaid invoices, accounts receivable, bad debts, and account recoveries. 

Andrew Schultz - Attorney

Attorney Andrew Schultz was born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in south central Kentucky. He attended Berea College, a work-study college for low-income students, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2005. He earned his law degree from Saint Louis University in 2009, with a Concentration in Criminal Litigation Skills and a Certificate in International Law. He also holds a Certificate in European Union Law from the University of Georgia’s Dean Rusk School of law. 

Following his Army service, Andrew settled in Minot, North Dakota to practice law. He founded his own law firm in 2011, which merged with Worthington Law Firm in 2017 to form Worthington & Schultz, P.C.

Over the past decade, Andrew has successfully defended his client’s constitutional rights in jury trials for DUI, assaults, homicide, terrorizing, firearm possession, theft, and other charges. He’s assisted parents in gaining custody of their children, in modifying post-judgment divorce provisions, and ensuring accurate child support calculations. He also represents creditors in recovering past-due accounts, including local businesses and well-known national organizations and companies. 

His approach to the practice of law is customer-service oriented. Nearly every case is about the unique story of each client, and it is his goal to make that history (and potential) shine through. 

Andrew resides in Minot with his wife, Kimberly. In his spare time he is engaged in local government issues like criminal justice reform and addiction recovery. He also plays golf and enjoys chess. 

K.B. - 2019

Thank you for awesome and highly appreciated service! Always available, always putting up the best fight and always on top of what needs to be done next! Andrew also made me feel at ease and really took the stress off me through everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 110% satisfied! 

J.W. - 2019

This place is awesome! 

S.B. - 2020

Andrew helped me get my firearms rights back. I’m glad he was there to put my best case in front of the judge so I can protect my family in the best way possible. 

B.L. - 2021

Andrew is an excellent attorney who went above and beyond for my case. I always knew what was happening next and I’d trust him with anything.


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